Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In a Loud Voice

Have  you ever wanted to hear God in "a Loud Voice"?  As I read the Bible, I read about people who heard God speak to them.  Was it in their head, or did they really hear his voice speak to them? Often wondered about that!

Here I am almost 2 months after being let go from my job of over 8 years at one place! I've tried really hard to listen to "God's Voice" and I think I do hear him.  I just wish I could have no doubts that it is really Him that is talking to me and not just my desires coming through.  
I want to know that I am on the path that He wants me to be on.... I want to hear that voice say "Go this way, I will bless"  but I want to hear Him in a loud voice!

We've been talking about WORDS at NRHC the last couple of weeks.  I know that words are so important! They convey the message to others. They can hurt, heal, bring joy or sadness, a lot of things.   I read God's words and try desperately to apply them to my life. 

I'm in the book of Genesis, where 3 "men" visit Abraham and tell him what is about to transpire in his life. As I read on I realize that one of these men is the LORD. They just sit there and have a conversation between them "in the flesh!"

I want God to talk to me like that, (at least I think I do).  I don't want to just read his word and try to figure out what He is saying to me.  I want to hear his voice in my ear, "in a loud voice" . 
When I read His word, sometimes I get that "ah ha" moment, but most times I do not.  I sometimes feel like I am guessing as to how this applies to the situation I am in.
I know God's word says seek and you will find.  I am seeking, but am having a hard time finding, because I feel like I can't "hear' God talk to me in HIS voice. 
 I hear very wise  things from very wise people, and sometimes it feels like it is words from  God, but a lot of the times I wonder am I just hearing their own thoughts and words.
If God only talks to me through the Bible, Godly people, dreams, and my thoughts, I'm afraid I am missing out on so much that He wants me to know.

Why doesn't he come visit me like Abraham?  I would fix him a meal and sit at his feet learning all I could!


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