Thursday, October 2, 2008


OK already!
I'm really behind on this blogging thing! Where do you find the time?
I must be more organized!!!!!!!!

Well here goes! I must share about my Bible study. I've joined this new Bible Study with a few women in my church. It is a Beth Moore study. I've never done one of her studies before. WOW! is all I can say. Through this study the Holy Spirit has spoken to me so vividly! I really wasn't so keen at first on the topic of choice. It seemed that everywhere I turned that God wanted me to be "fruitful". Every time I spoke of having a Bible study with friends, the Fruit of the Spirit kept comming up. So being the ever obedient (not) child that I am, I finally conceded that God was directing me to be fruitful.

The first week was a little background on Paul, so as to set the stage for the fruit of the spirit. The second week was about the Holy Spirit. I thought I knew so much about the Holy Spirit already, that this would certainly be a "review" for me. God, of course, taught me a few things!

I like to journal my thoughts, as I do my Bible Study during my lunch hour at work. So here is an excerpt from my journal during that week of "review": God is so good!!!!!

Sept 23, 2008
WOW! What a revelation I just received from God's word. Studying about the Trinity; A concept I struggle with but have always accepted. But I'm learning how to apply this to my daily life and it makes so much sense now.
God the Father has a will for my life; God the Son, Jesus shows me this through the written work(Bible); and God the Holy spirit empowers me to obey.

We must study the Work to know what God's will and plan is for our life. As we do, the HOly Spirit will give us all we need to know, understand and be obedient to His will.

WOW! Why haven't I gotten this so simple principle before? God I am so sorry for making this complicated.

My prayer lately has been that KEn and I would be sensitive and obedient to what God's will is through this transition. For those who don't know, Ken, my husband, was laid off his job 2 weeks ago now)
I am not sure how I thought we could be obedient to a will that we have been unwilling to find out what is.
We must seek HIs will and the only way to do that is to receive that from the Word, Jesus, The Bible.
Once we know what direction God wants us to go, the Holy Spirit will empower us to go there. He will not send anything our way without empowering us to get through it. But only whe we seek His will can He empower us to do it.
God, You are so good! ^Thank you for a plan and the ability to know that plan and especially thank you for the power to fulfill it as you wish!

See waht I mean... even when we think we know something, God can still give us a new light to see it with!
I hope I canm be more diligent about blogging. Sorry this post was so long.

Bye Bye for now



LynnSC said...

Whoa Girl!! I am so glad that you are enjoying your Bible Study. God is so faithful to show Himself to us when we search for Him.

I haven't heard from you lately... are you still hanging on in the same faith that you had a week or so ago?? I am praying for you. Let me know how things are going.


LynnSC said...

Okay... what is up with this?? Are you not going to blog again?? I miss hearing from you.

Stop by my blog... I'm having a giveaway!

Blessings, I love you!